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Maglott Hall

Maglott Hall


Maglott Hall, the west wing of Founder’s Hall, was named in honor of Eva and Frederick Maglott, two faculty members from Ohio Northern’s early years.

In February 1966 the contract for Park was awarded to the A.E. Knowlton Construction Company of Columbus, Ohio. The hall was named Fall 1973.




Eva (Sisson) Maglott was born in Ft. Smith, Arkansas circa. 1860. Her family relocated to Vinton County, Ohio. At the age of sixteen, she enrolled in the National Normal University in Lebanon, Ohio, later enrolling at the Northwestern Ohio Normal School, later ONU, in August 1876. She graduated in 1878 with an A.B. degree from the Classical Course. As a student, she was a member of the Franklin Literary Society. After graduation, she went to Butler College, returning to Ada in 1880. That summer, she married Prof. Frederick Maglott of the ONU faculty.


In 1881 Prof. Maglott began teaching mathematics and Latin, courses that she taught until 1916. Between 1902 and 1904 she served as Preceptress, a position in which she oversaw the school’s female students.


In March 1916, ill health forced her to request a leave of absence to recuperate at the Bowling Green Sanatorium, but unfortunately her underlying health problems proved severe. By late May, Prof. Maglott had returned to Ada where she died on June 8, 1916. She was buried in Ada’s Woodlawn Cemetary.


Frederick Maglott  was born in Washington Township, Richland County, Ohio on December 12, 1851 to Jacob and Catherine (Ditwiler) Maglott. After graduating from the Belleville high school, he attended Otterbein College and in 1871 enrolled at Ohio Northern University.


He graduated in the Classical Course in 1877, the same year that he bought a one-fourth interest in the university. This made him one of the university’s trustees, and he held that position until the school was sold to the Methodist Church in 1898. In 1880, he married Eva Sissons.


Prof. Maglott’s  teaching duties included geography, arithmetic, Latin and Greek. He also authored A Manual of Geography, a work that eventually ran to some fifteen editions. In addition to teaching, he served briefly as Northern’s Dean of the Faculty.


He retired Spring 1912, and, in a complete change of occupation, opened a car dealership on the corner of Johnson and Buckeye Streets in Ada. Prof. Maglott died October 30, 1931


Professor Eva S. Maglott

Faculty Picture, Left, John Park; Middle-Top, Frederick Maglott; Middle-Bottom, Henry S. Lehr; Right, Warren Darst.