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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions received by Heterick Memorial Library, along with detailed answers for each. To navigate to an answer, simply click on the linked text of any of the questions listed. Each answer also contains a link to bring you back to the top of this page. If none of the questions or answers here match with what you're looking for, please contact the library via email at or by phone at 419-772-2181.

How do I check my printing balance?

To check your printing balance, visit the ONU Printing page and log in using your ONU username and password. Once logged in, you'll be able to see your available balance, and add more funds if needed.

What happens if I use up my printing allowance?

If you use up your printing allowance, the printer will still allow you to print and make copies (scanning is always free). However, the charge for what you print will be added to your regular student account. You will need to pay this charge in the same way you pay your other ONU bills (tuition, housing, fees, etc.).

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How do I reserve a room at Heterick Library?

You can reserve a room at Heterick Library by visiting our Reserve a Room page.

To reserve a space, choose the room and time to begin the reservation by using the grid on the page. Once you've selected a start time, you'll be moved to just below the grid where you can choose how long you'd like to reserve the space by using the available dropdown menu. You can reserve a room multiple days in advance by using the Go to Date button, which is located beneath the current date display and just above the grid's top-left corner. Once you've submitted a reservation, you'll receive an email letting you know that your reservation has been confirmed. Please note, current ONU students can reserve spaces in the library for up to four hours per week.

Can I cancel and reschedule or alter a room reservation?

Yes! To cancel a reservation, simply follow the instructions in the automated email you received after making your original appointment. Once it's been canceled, you can reserve another space for another time. If you need help canceling, or if you need to adjust your room reservation, please contact the library via email at or by phone at 419-772-2181.

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Where can I get help with my writing?

For help with your writing, we highly recommend contacting Ohio Northern University's Writing Center, which is located on the second floor of the library. Peer tutors at the Writing Center can help you at any stage of the writing process, whether you need help getting started, organizing your ideas, or proofreading a finished draft. You can schedule an appointment with the Writing Center by visiting their page on ONU's website.

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Where can I get help with creating citations?

You can find information on creating citations in various styles by visiting the library's Citation Resources page. This page contains helpful information on common citation styles such as APA and MLA, discipline-specific styles such as NLM and IEEE, and citation management resources.

Your Personal Librarian and Ohio Northern University's Writing Center can also offer assistance creating citations, and we highly encourage you to reach out to them via email. You can find your librarian on our Personal Librarian page, and the contact information for the Writing Center on their page on ONU's website.

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How do I search for things in the library?

When doing research and searching the library's website for sources, there are a number of different options available. Depending on what you're specifically looking for will determine which of these options we recommend you start with first.

Where can I find articles?

If you're looking for a specific article, or if you're searching for articles on a particular topic, we recommend first starting with SearchONU, the main search box on the library homepage. From here, you can look for articles by their title and author, or by entering keywords and search terms that relate to your research topic. SearchONU looks through most of the library's databases, so it should find your article regardless of which database it is housed in. Once you've found an article, you can access it via the available options in the Access Now dropdown menu.

I'm having difficulty finding articles, what should I do?

If you're having difficulty finding articles, you can use the limiters or filters in SearchONU to narrow your results. These limiters can be accessed at the top of the search results page, right under the search box. Common limiters include source type (academic journals, books, etc.), date range, and including only peer reviewed articles. Additionally, you can narrow your results further to specific databases by selecting a database via the Content Provider limiter in SearchONU, or by visiting the library's Databases page and choosing an individual database to search.

Where can I find books or DVDs?

To find books, DVDs, or other items in the library's collections, you can search our library catalog. Similar to searching for articles, you can search by title, author, or by entering keywords and search terms to find materials on a particular topic. Once you've found an item in our catalog, clicking the title will display the floor it's located on and it's call number, or will contain a link where you can access the material electronically.

In addition to our local catalog, you can also search the OhioLINK catalog to locate materials from other institutions in the state and request they be sent here for you to borrow.

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How do I request an item (article, OhioLINK book, DVD, etc.)?

Sometimes, the library may not have a resource immediately available, but that needs to be requested from another institution. Depending on the item you're seeking will determine how to best proceed.

How do I request an item via Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

Occasionally, articles and other materials found in SearchONU or in our individual databases may display an option to request the source via ILL if a full-text option is not available. To request these items, simply select the option and complete the required fields on the form that displays (most of the fields pertaining to the source will be auto-filled). Alternatively, you can also visit our Interlibrary Loan page and complete a form there if you're looking for a source that doesn't appear in our databases or in OhioLINK.

Once you've completed either form, you'll receive an email containing the item you requested if it's electronic, or an email letting you know the item is available to be picked up from the library if it's physical.

How do I request an item from OhioLINK?

To request an item from OhioLINK, find the item in the OhioLINK catalog and select the title to view the record. Once you've confirmed that a copy of the item is available from another institution, click the green request button on the page. Next, select "Ohio Northern U" from the dropdown menu and click the submit button beneath the field. You'll then need to enter your name and your ONU ID number into the Name and Barcode field, respectively. This number can be found on your ONU ID card. 

  • If your barcode is printed in the format "00123456701," enter the number exactly as it appears.
  • If your barcode is printed in the format "A01234567," make the following changes before entering the number:
    • Change the initial "A" to a "0" (zero).
    • Add the "0x" (zero and another number) that appears in the bottom right corner of your ID card to the end of the number.
    • The revised number should be 11 digits total. For example, A01234567 + 01 becomes 00123456701.
  • If you have any trouble with this, please contact the library for help.

Be sure that ONU is still selected as your pickup institution, and that "Heterick - Circulation Desk" is the pickup location, then select the submit button. Once your request has been made, you'll receive an email when it's ready to be picked up at the library.

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How do I checkout an item on course reserve?

If you know what course reserve item you need, simply go to the Information Desk on the first floor of the library with your ONU ID, which serves as your library card, and tell the person there what item you'd like to checkout. It is helpful if you know the call number or the title of the item.

If you don't know what course reserve item you need, you can search for course reserves in the library's catalog, on the course reserve page. Search by the number or name of your course or your instructor's name.

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How do I access newspapers available from the library?

Heterick Library currently offers access to three national newspapers to current members of Ohio Northern University. With the exception of the Washington Post, members of the University will need to create accounts to access the newspapers' content. The library has created specific instructions on how to set up an account, and the links to these instructions and the newspaper's website are listed below. If you have any issues creating an account or accessing the newspapers' articles, please contact the library via email at

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