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Campus Buildings

Lake Heiheiser

Lake Neiheiser

Lake Neiherser is the decorative body of water in the center of Fraternity Circle. It covers 1 1/3 acres and was named by William Neiheiser in tribute to his parents. Mr. Neihser underwrote the cost of the project. Construction began in August 1978, and it was dedicated the following year.

The project involved both the lake, a fountain and extensive landscaping in the fraternity circle area. The lake itself is in the shape of Ohio Northern’s mascot, a polar bear.


William F.D. Neiheiser graduated from Berea, Ohio high school in 1937 and received a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Ohio Northern University in 1942. He was president and owner of Reliance Mechanical Corporation and vice-president of Reliance Mechanical Contractors, Inc. He served as a member of the University Board of Trustees. Mr. Neiheiser died July 31, 1997.


Lake Neiheiser Looking West