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Printing and Scanning

Printing & Scanning

Heterick Memorial Library has two color and two black-and-white printers available to ONU students, faculty and staff. The printers also scan and make copies. Scanning is free. Printing and copying costs for students are $0.04 per black and white page and $0.10 per color page.

Community members should visit their local public library for printing options, as printing is not available to the general public.

Connecting to Printers

To connect to the printers at ONU, please use the following instructions linked below created by the ONU IT team:

Printing Balance

How do I check my printing allowance?

To check your printing allowance, use the following linked text to visit the ONU Printing page and log in using your ONU username and password.

What happens if I use up my printing allowance?

If you use up your printing allowance, the printer will still allow you to print and make copies (scanning is always free). However, the charge for what you print will be added to your regular student account. You will need to pay this charge in the same way you pay your other ONU bills (tuition, housing, fees, etc.).

Having trouble printing at the library?

If you're having trouble printing at the library, stop by the Information Desk for assistance!

Printing Refund Policy

The University will issue refunds only in cases of printer error, such as paper jams or ink smears. See a library staff member at the Information Desk for instructions on obtaining a refund.

Library Hours


Need additional help? Contact Ohio Northern University's Office of Information Technology.

ONU Information Technology