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Heterick for Faculty and Staff

Streaming Videos at Heterick

If you would like to use streaming videos, there is a limiter in the library catalog to search our holdings.

screenshot of library catalog with dropdown menu expanded and streaming video selected

If there is a video that you would like us to license, including films from Kanopy, please complete the form below.

For some videos we may only able to purchase DVD versions, but on occasion are able to negotiate for the right to digitize if the material will only be accessible via Moodle. 

Library Databases with Streaming Videos

Science Video Resources (JoVE)

Freely Available Videos

Please use YouTube and other online video sites with caution. Confirm that you are using legally uploaded videos in your courses. The following links are all legally licensed materials. The librarians are available to help you confirm. 

Kanopy FAQ

Before November 2018, Heterick provided Kanopy as an unmediated PDA or Patron Driven Acquisition resource. This meant that the entire catalog of Kanopy was available to users. After a video was viewed 3 times (a view is defined as 30 seconds of continuous playing), the library received an invoice for $135 to license the film for 1 year. This model proved unsustainable and the library moved to mediated access. Unfortunately this means that users cannot access films until we license them.

If I used a Kanopy video last year, do I still have access to it?

Maybe. The library does not own streaming videos; we license them. If we had a license for the video last year, it may have expired.

It is best to check availability or contact a librarian at the beginning of the semester or at least a few weeks before you plan to use a video.

When should I submit a request for a video?

For instructors, please try to submit requests as soon as you know you will be assigning a video, preferably before the beginning of the semester. If you request a video through Kanopy, please include the following information:

  • Course name or number
  • Date needed
  • Viewing in class or students viewing independently

If you are viewing the video in class, we may purchase a DVD instead of streaming to be more financially responsible.

Why do instructors need to provide a date for when the video is needed?

In order to make best use of funds we start the license for the video as close to the date you need it as possible.

How long will it take for the library to respond to a request?

A librarian will usually respond within one business day.

What if I need the Kanopy video tomorrow?

Because the library needs the vendor to activate the video, we cannot guarantee next day availability. Videos are often available the next business day, but because of the difference in time zones, that is not a guarantee.

Tips for Kanopy