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BIZ 2401: Information Systems

Quick Help

ZoteroBib is a web-based bibliography similar to EasyBib. You aren't able to store citations, but can generate the citations for your reference list.

Citation Guide

The Citation guide gives examples of common citation types and links to additional resources for APA, MLA, and other citation formats used at ONU.

Fun with APA Citations!

Fun with APA Citation by Heather Crozier

APA Citation Basics

Remember that APA style refers to more than just the citation format. In this class, we'll only focus on reference list citations.

  • Authors' first names are omitted; use initials only
  • Emphasis on date, so it comes immediately after the author’s name
  • Type of source matters (journal, newspaper, magazine, website)
    • It may be important to figure out the original format of your source
  • Use the DOI rather than the URL for journal articles if it is listed
  • Titles of books, magazines, journals, and newspapers should be in italics
  • Capitalize the first letter of the first word in titles and subtitles for books, chapters, articles, and webpages
  • Journal titles should maintain the capitalization used by the journal
  • Include as much of the publication information as you can find

Citations should include 

  • Name(s) of the author or authors 
  • Date of publication
  • Title of the work
  • Publication data

Date of publication and the names of the authors are the elements that are missing most often on sources, particularly web sources.

  • If there is no author listed (remember that a government agency would be considered an author), list the title first and alphabetize the source by title rather than last name in your reference list.
  • If there is no date, enter (n.d.) where the date would be in the citation.

Finding Necessary Information

screen shot of results page from SEARCH with citation elements highlighted