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BIZ 2401: Information Systems

Shortcuts and Tips for Basic Google Searches

Search sites or specific domains with site:



Note: Do not leave any spaces between site: and the search term

Use quotation marks to search for phrases or specific words

“to be or not to be”


Type OR between terms if you want to find either word

Hamlet OR Macbeth

Use a minus sign to exclude words

Macbeth –Shakespeare

Advanced Search

Use Advanced Search to limit your search by Language, Region, last update, Domain or site, Terms, SafeSearch, Reading level, File type, Usage rights and more.

Find Advanced Search under “Settings”

screen shot of Google search box with Settings menu

Limit Results by Publication Date

Search for pages published during a specific time period using “Tools”

screen shot of Google search page with tools menu

Web Searching Tips

For more search tips:

Recommended Government Sites