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BIZ 2401: Information Systems

Evaluating Sources

5 Ws by Heather Crozier

The SIFT Method & Lateral Reading


Lateral Reading

Lateral Reading Read ABOUT the source, not just what the source tells you about itself. Open a new tab and search for additional information. What do others say about it? Is this the original source for the article?  If not, find the original! Plus use the 5 Ws to evaluate the content



Lateral reading is a method of investigating the source. It means that you don't rely only on the source you're evaluating, but branch out to use other resources like Wikipedia or using a search engine to find more information on the source itself. 

The videos below demonstrate lateral reading.



Determining Bias

Determining bias in a source can be challenging because it isn't always obvious; bias can be very subtle. There also isn't a single step to take, but the steps that you take to evaluate a source can help you identify bias. 

The following guide from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Libraries lays out some excellent steps if you're having trouble.