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BIZ 2401: Information Systems

Business Source Complete

Company Profiles: MarketLine Reports

screen shot of BSC menu bar with more highlighted


In Business Source Complete, click on “More” to expand the menu. Select “Company Profiles” to reach the search page.





Enter the name of the company in the search box or browse through the alphabetical list of reports available.

screen shot of BSC company profile resultsClick on the MarketLine Report pdf to access the company profile OR click on the name of the company to access other related information, including SWOT analysis, industry profiles, related articles, and more, if available.


MarketLine Reports will always show in Company Profiles if they are available. They may not show in the results for Company Information.


Company Information

screenshot of business source complete search box with company information circled


Click on Company Information to narrow your search and eliminate articles from your results.




screen shot of BSC company information search box Enter the name of your company and apply any limiters you would like below. 

Limiters in Company Information include company type, product, revenue, number of employees, location, year founded, and more.


On the results page, click the company name to view detailed results.If multiple companies are listed in your results, try sorting them by revenue or country to help identify the best match. If you are not getting the desired results, try removing limiters or changing your search terms. If it is a public company, searching by stock ticker can help ensure the right match.

screen shot of result page for company information in BSC


On the detailed results page, you'll find information on the company like financials, executives, subsidiaries, industry information and more. In the left column, you'll find links to SWOT analyses, industry profiles, market research reports, related articles, and more under Related Information.

screen shot of company information page

Searching Business Source Complete

The video below demonstrates how to search for articles using SearchONU. Searching for articles Business Source Complete using the same approach, but you may not want to restrict your search to only scholarly articles based on your information need.