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Off-Campus Research

Heterick Memorial Library

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Accessing & Managing Resources Off-Campus

Getting Started

Whenever you're performing research off-campus, it's important to start your search from Heterick Library's website. By accessing any database or resource via the HML website, you'll be recognized as a member of Ohio Northern University, and asked for your University login credentials. By entering your credentials, you'll be granted access to all of our available resources and databases. Only current ONU students, faculty, and staff can access the library's resources while off-campus.

If you were to try accessing these databases or resources without using the HML website, you most likely won't be granted access. This is because the resources and databases will not be able to recognize that you're a member of ONU.

How can I save sources I find?

If you're using an EBSCO database, you can create an account that will allow you to save any source to a folder. To create an account, use the directions below. You can also email the source to yourself or send it to your Google Drive, both of which can be done without creating an EBSCO account.

If you don't want to create an EBSCO account, or if you're looking at an entry in our physical catalog, you can save the Permalink for the source. A permalink, permanent link, is a special URL that is generated for a specific source. The regular URL that appears in the address bar for a source can not be reused, as the session expires after a set period of time. The permalink, however, is a permanent URL and can be used to navigate back to a source by pasting it into the address bar of your browser.

Having trouble accessing a database or resource?

If you're having any issue accessing a database or library resource, please contact the library, by email at or by phone at (419) 772-2181.

Creating an EBSCO Account

As part of our EBSCO databases, users can create an account to save searches. In order to utilize this feature, you'll first need an EBSCO account. The instructions below will guide you through the process of creating an account:

  1. From the EBSCO database of your choice, select the Sign In button in the top blue bar of the page

    The button is located towards the top right
  2. Next, on the Sign In page, select the link labeled Create one now towards the bottom of the page to create an account. The linked page should look like the one below:

    The linked page should have fields where you can enter your information
  3. Fill out the required information. It is not required to use your ONU email address, but it is recommended
  4. Press the Continue button once you've successfully entered your information. If you cannot select the button, double check that you've entered your information correctly and that you've agreed to the EBSCO Data Retention Policy by check marking the box next to it.
  5. Once you've finished entering your information, you'll be able to log into your EBSCO account.