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Off-Campus Research

Heterick Memorial Library

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Heterick Library

SearchONU & Library Databases

What is SearchONU?

SearchONU is the main search function of Heterick Memorial Library. SearchONU allows users to search through almost all of the library's databases, our physical catalog, OhioLINK catalog, and the ONU digital repository. Using SearchONU, as well as our databases, users can access full-text articles from the various available library databases and resources. For help accessing full-text, see the further instructions below.

Where can I find individual databases?

You can search individual databases the library has access to by using the dropdown menu below. The databases are arranged by subject, so you need only to select a subject to see the databases available for that area of study.

Finding Full-Text articles

Most databases will have full-text articles available in PDF or HTML formats.  If full-text is unavailable look for the following link:

Click on this link to find your full-text article.

If the above link is not available, request your article through Interlibrary Loan.

Finding ONU Resources in Google Scholar

On campus, you are automatically linked to the Libraries' resources.  However, off campus you need to adjust your settings as shown below: 

  1. Sign in to Google Scholar with your ONU email username and password. (Your email address will appear in the top right-hand corner if you are already signed in)
  2. Click on Settings at the top of the page.  
  3. Click on Library links in the left-hand column.  
  4. Type in Heterick Memorial Library and click on Save.  


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