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Ohio Northern University Diverse Voices

A selection of holdings from the Ohio Northern University Archives that highlight diverse voices from our campus community.


Open Doors - Rainbow Klondike

In 1993 a group of ONU students came together to form the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Alliance (GLBA), and sought official recognition as a student club. Despite receiving support from a number of other student groups, the GLBA failed to gain approval from Student Senate. Despite the lack of official recognition, during the next two years GLBA members and student allies, continued to work to raise awareness and advocate on behalf of gay, lesbian, and bisexual students during the next. In 1996 a new gay, lesbian, and bisexual student support group was formed named Open Doors. This time, the students of the new group received enough votes at Student Senate to become an officially recognized student group.

Formation of the GLBA & Seeking Recognition (1993)

ONU - GLBA Student Group Continues to Seek Recognition (WLIO TV) February 22, 1993

GLBA representative - Mark Hunter

Informal Support & Advocacy (1993-1995)

Open Doors & Official Recognition (1995-1996)