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Ohio Northern University Diverse Voices

A selection of holdings from the Ohio Northern University Archives that highlight diverse voices from our campus community.

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"Black Voices and The Northern Review" (ONU's student newspaper since 1915) features a selection of articles, letters to the editor, and editorials that document the voices of Black students, staff, and faculty from the ONU community. Their fist hand accounts can be both inspiring and difficult to read, and ultimately they all offer important insights into Ohio Northern and Black history. The digitized articles included here are not intended to represent the complete run of Black voices that have appeared in the newspaper. The Northern Review and other historic materials that document the history of ONU are publicly available through the ONU Archives located in Heterick Memorial Library.

Richard Carter, 1955

Deborah Adrine, 1964

Willie Longshore, 1964

Arthur D. Jackson Jr., 1964

Sam Brewer, Ted Coleman, and Bill (Hopie) Cotten, 1968

Union of Black Students (Pictured, Arthur D. Jackson, Jr. - An UBS Spokesperson), 1968

Flori Brooks, Dianne Harrison, Gail Hodge, and Renee Phifer (Pictured, Gail Hodge, UBS President), 1969

Aldonis Grimes, 1970

Sandy Washington, 1971

John Gwinn, 1972

Bill Orr, 1977

Howard Ward, 1978

Robin Daniell, 1985

Kevin Lamarr Jones, 1986

Premala Wilson and J. Lindsay Florence (Pictured, Premala Wilson, former BSU President/Student Senate Vice-President elect), 1986

John Gwinn, 1987