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Ohio Northern University Diverse Voices

A selection of holdings from the Ohio Northern University Archives that highlight diverse voices from our campus community.

About the Diverse Voices Project

The ONU Diverse Voices Project is a joint effort between the ONU Archives, Heterick Memorial Library, the Office of Multicultural Development, and campus community members designed to help preserve, share, and highlight diverse voices from the ONU community. The materials found within in this resource are preserved alongside other historical materials in the ONU Archives, and it is our hope that moving forward both the ONU Archives and the ONU Diverse Voices Project will continue to grow as we strive to have our holdings become more reflective of the diverse lives and experiences of our community members.


Adding Your Voice & Takedown Requests

Adding Your Voice

The ONU Archives is constantly working to expand our holdings to better reflect the diversity of our campus community. In support of these efforts please feel welcome to contact the ONU Archives to provide feedback on the ONU Diverse Voices Project, or to initiate a conversation on how we can preserve and make accessible more diverse voices from the ONU community.

Takedown Requests

The ONU Archives is committed to both amplifying diverse voices, as well as respecting individuals personal privacy and intellectual property rights. Consequently, please contact the ONU Archives if you wish to request that your work/voice be removed from this resource. In your email please include a description/url of the material you wish to be removed, and the context for your request. Upon receipt of your request the materials will be removed from public view while we work to find an appropriate resolution.  

Digital Collections Note

As an academic archives that strives to advance historical research and understanding of our shared histories, the ONU Archives is committed to representing digitized versions of historic materials as similarly as we can to the source materials. As a result digital files found here are a representation of the historic creation of their source material, and consequently can contain offensive text, images, or recordings.

ONU Cosmopolitan Club, 1911

ONU Cosmopolitan Club, 1911

Founded during the 1908-1909 academic year the ONU Cosmopolitan Club aimed to promote "better understanding between students of America and foreign countries" and worked to promote a sense of "world wide brotherhood." The 1910-1911 version of the club included students from China, Columbia, Mexico, Russia (current day Ukraine), and the United States.

ONU Chapter of the Union of Black Students, 1970.

Union of Black Students, 1970.

Unofficially organized in 1968, the Union of Black Students was originally formed less than a month after the tragic assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a mission to "keep any prejudice from Black students on campus and to promote a better relationship between the races on campus.”