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A quick guide on the institutional repository at Ohio Northern University

Getting Started

Current Ohio Northern University students may only submit works to DigitalCommons@ONU after first discussing with the professor or course instructor of the class for which their work was created for.

If the professor/instructor agrees to allow the work to be submitted to the repository, the student and professor/instructor will next need to contact an ONU librarian to request the work be added. Undergraduate students should contact their personal librarian at Heterick Memorial Library, and Law students should contact a law librarian at Taggart Law Library. Alternatively, any student can make the submission request by emailing

Once you've done that, the library will get started on setting up a collection for you to submit your work to. Depending on the depth of the work being submitted, a librarian may reach out for further clarification. Once the work has been submitted, a librarian will contact the student and professor/instructor to inform them when the work has been officially posted to DigitalCommons@ONU.

Uploading Works as a Student

When submitting works to be added to DigitalCommons@ONU, please remember these general rules:

  1. Students must first confirm with their professor or course instructor before their works may be submitted to the repository.
  2. All works submitted must be clear of copyright violations and plagiarism, and comply with all Ohio Northern University student handbook policies on Academic Offenses.
  3. Author(s) of a work retain copyright ownership and Ohio Northern University makes no claims of ownership for institutional repository contributions.
  4. All authors, including faculty and staff, listed on a submission are required to sign a non-exclusive license in order to be added to the repository. This license serves as a statement claiming that the authors' on a submission retain their rights to the work after it's been added to the repository, as well as permission to allow the work to be included in DigitalCommons@ONU.
  5. The work being submitted to the repository must be original, produced and submitted (or approved by) a faculty, staff, student, organization or department of Ohio Northern University.
  6. If revisions to a work are needed, they must be done before the final draft is submitted to the repository.
  7. Student works contributed should be creative, scholarly in nature, research-oriented or of institutional significance. Examples may include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Capstone projects
    • Student-produced journals or newsletters
    • Conference posters or presentations (as long as permission has been granted by the conference organization)
    • Creative works