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A quick guide on the institutional repository at Ohio Northern University

Before Submitting Your Works

Before submitting your works to DigitalCommons@ONU, it’s important to consider these questions before hand:

  • What is the type of work(s) do you want to submit? Is it a publication, a poster, a citation, or a paper? What are the file types you’ll be submitting?
  • Who authored the work(s)? When was it created/finished? Do I have the proper permissions from all authors to submit the work(s)?
  • What copyrights do you want to apply to the work(s) you’re submitting? Do I want users to be able to download the work(s) or just be able to view them? Is there a specific date when users can start downloading the work(s)?
  • What keywords best fit the work(s)? What words can users search with to find the work(s)? What subjects or disciplines does the work(s) cover?
  • Students: Have you talked with your professor/instructor about uploading your work(s) to the repository before submitting?

If you need any help answering these questions, feel free to contact your personal librarian, the law library, or

When you're ready to submit your work(s) to the repository, select either Faculty/Staff or Students from the left-hand column to view the appropriate instructions.

What Can NOT Be Uploaded to DigitalCommons@ONU

Although most content and file types are able to be submitted to DigitalCommons, there are exceptions to what can be uploaded. These exceptions are listed below:

  • Any content violating FERPA/HIPAA regulations
  • Items lacking proper copyright permissions
  • Content not submitted/approved by a member of staff or faculty