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An overview of how to use Zotero to manage your citations.

Zotero Add-On for Word

Zotero integration with Microsoft Word can be activated by opening the Zotero desktop app, and selecting Edit, then Preferences.

Select Edit, then Prferences

From the Preferences window, select the Cite tab, and then select the Word Processors tab.

Select Cite, then Word Processors

Select Install Microsoft Word Add-in. A progress bar will appear, and once completed, the add-on will be installed into Word. From now on, when opening Word, you'll see a new Zotero tab at the top of your Word document.

The new tab appears in the Menu bar alongside the other options

Zotero Add-On for Google Docs

To use Zotero in Google Docs, all you need is to have the Chrome browser extension installed. Once installed, you'll see a new Zotero tab in the menu bar on al of your Google Docs.

The Zotero tab will appear between the "Add-ons" tab and the "Help" tab.

For instructions on installing the browser extension, see our information here.

Removing Write-N-Cite from MS Word

To remove RefWork's Write-N-Cite from your computer, close all open instances of Word and follow the instructions below:

For Windows computers

  1. Open the Control Panel via the Start button or the Search Windows function (dependent on your version of Windows)
  2. Select the Uninstall a program option
  3. Navigate the listed programs to find Write-N-Cite. Select the program, then hit Uninstall.

For Mac computers

  1. Open MS Word, then select View > Customize Toolbars > Menus
  2. Select Write-N-Cite from the listed options, then select Delete
  3. Close MS Word and open Finder
  4. Select the Applications folder, and use one of the paths below that matches the version of MS Word you have to find the Write-N-Cite file bundle, and delete it:
    • /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Office/Startup/Word/
    • /Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Office/Startup/Word/
  5. In Finder, use the following path to navigate to the RefWorks folder, then drag the folder to your Trash: <YOUR USER NAME>/Library/Application Support/RefWorks