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An overview of how to use Zotero to manage your citations.

Creating a Bibliography Using the Online Zotero Account

Select the checkbox next to each source you'd like in your bibliography.

Check the box even if you're only using one source

In the upper-right corner, select the Cite button This button does not appear in the desktop app.. Choose your preferred citation style from the dropdown menu.

Choose the style that best fits.

 Your citations will generate in the box below where you can then copy/paste them into your document.

Choosing other styles will change the output in the box.

Creating a Bibliography Using the Zotero Desktop App

Select all of the sources you wish to include, and then right-click the selected items. From the right-click menu, select Create Bibliography from Items... 

Select all of your references, then right-click and select Create Bibliography from Items...

You can also choose Copy Bibliography from the Edit menu.

You'll next be prompted to select a citation style, as well as an output mode and method. Select the appropriate style and make sure the Output Mode is still selected to Bibliography.

Select your citation style

Next select Copy to Clipboard under Output Method, as this is the easiest option, and then hit OK. You'll now be able to paste your bibliography directly into your paper.

Adding Citation Styles

The Zotero desktop app also allows you to add citation styles, which once added, will appear in your Zotero online account.

To add a citation style, select Edit and then Preferences in the Zotero desktop app.

Select Edit, then Preferences

In the Preferences window, under the Cite tab, selecting the Get additional styles... link opens another window where you can search for more citation styles.

Search for additional styles through Zotero

Once you've found a new style you'd like to add, select it, and it will automatically be added to your citation list.