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PR 3201: Advanced Public Relations Writing

Databases for PR Articles, Company Info, and Industry Info

Articles and Databases

Articles can be found in the library's databases.  Library databases are searchable, contain citation information (author, title, publisher, abstract, date published, etc) and often contain full-text articles.  Databases can be multi-disciplinary covering many subjects or they can be subject-specific focusing on a specific area of study. 

  • Note: This link is only accessible with an ONU log-in. You may have to click through 3 screens (continue--continue--submit) before the search screen appears. Search for the Public Relations Services and click on that specific phrase in the results list. The industry profile will contain a wealth of current information related to the PR industry.

PR Academic and Trade Journals

PR Academic Journals:

PR Trade Journals:

PR Industry Codes

Primary NAICCODE: Public Relations Agencies - 541820

US SIC Codes
Primary SICCODE: Public relations services - 87430000

Company Research: Public or Private?

The most important thing to know before you begin your research is whether your company is publicly held or privately held. This information will inform where you search for information. U.S. law requires pubicly held companies to disclose certain information. Most private companies opt not to disclose this information. Thus, if you are researching a small private company, you may need to rely on local news and information sources. 

Finding Full-Text Articles and Off Campus Access

Most databases will have full-text articles available in PDF or HTML formats.  If PDF or HTML is unavailable look for the following link:

small circle with green stripes and text: find it @ ONU

Click on this link to find your full-text article.

If the above link is not available, request your article through Interlibrary Loan.

When using library resources off campus, the system prompts for your Ohio Northern University username and password

  • When prompted for your username, type your ONU username.
  • Your password is the same password you use to sign into your ONU email.

Please contact with any questions.