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COVID-19 for the Ada Community

A guide to help the public research COVID-19 using reliable sources.

AMA Sponsor Information

This Ask Me Anything event entitled
"AMA: COVID Questions"
was sponsored by Ada SAFE 2020.

About Ada SAFE 2020:

The purpose of Ada SAFE 2020 (SAFE stands for Schools Are For Everyone) is to organize community members who wish to see our local schools adhere to medically and scientifically sound advice and guidelines when our schools reopen in the fall, and to educate the public about the latest scientific research and guidance to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and the disease which stems from the virus, COVID-19. Everyone is invited to join! Parents, students, school administrators, board members, and community members are all welcome. To contact Ada SAFE 2020, please email: To join the conversation, visit the group Facebook page: Ada SAFE 2020 on Facebook.

Free AdaSAFE2020 stickers (design below) can be requested using this online form