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COVID-19 for the Ada Community

A guide to help the public research COVID-19 using reliable sources.

Risk Assessment Tools

The risk assessment graphics below were created by experts to help individuals make informed choices about the risk level of various activities. 

Kid and Family Activities Risk Levels

The "Levels of Risk During COVID-19 for Families" graphic was created by Dayton Children's and infectious disease specialist Dr. Sherman Alter.
Download the high resolution PDF here.


COVID-19 Risk Index

The "COVID-19 Risk Index" graphic was created by a team of experts (MDs, PhDs, EMT-Ts, and MPH credentials) at the University of Pennsylvania, George Washington University, University of Arizona, and George Mason University. 
Download the high resolution PDF here.


Know Your Risk During COVID-19

The "Know Your Risk During COVID-19" graphic was created by physicians from the Texas Medical Association (TMA) COVID-19 Task Force and the TMA Committee on Infectious Diseases.
Download the high resolution PDF here.