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Ohio Northern University Black Voices

A selection of holdings from the Ohio Northern University Archives that highlight Black voices found in our collections.


Thank you for visiting the ONU Black Voices project. We are no longer updating this research guide, and now encourage you to visit the ONU Diverse Voices research guide instead, which includes all of the content from this guide, plus records from additional diverse voices from the ONU community.

About This Guide

In February 2019, Heterick Memorial Library staff began a project to highlight Black voices from the ONU community that are documented in the ONU Archives. It is our hope that this work will serve as a useful resource for all ONU students and community members who are interested in Black history, Ohio Northern history, and their impact on where we are today. Additionally, while this resource was made available with a small selection of materials, we envision that it will be updated as we continue our work to make historic materials that are reflective of our diverse community population accessible to everyone.

ONU Chapter of the Union of Black Students, 1970.
ONU chapter of the Union of Black Students, 1970.


Digital Collections Note

As an academic archives that strives to advance historical research and understanding of our shared histories, the ONU Archives is committed to representing digitized versions of historic materials as similarly as we can to the source materials. As a result digital files found here are a representation of the historic creation of their source material, and consequently can contain offensive text, images, or recordings.

Contact Us & Takedown Requests

General Inquiries

Please contact the ONU Archives if you have any suggestions or questions about this guide, if you would like to visit the Archives, or if you have an interest in beginning a conversation about possibly donating historic materials to the ONU Archives.

Takedown Requests

The ONU Archives is committed to both amplifying diverse voices, as well as respecting individuals personal privacy and intellectual property rights. Consequently, please contact the ONU Archives if you wish to request that your work/voice be removed from this resource. In your email please include a description/url of the material you wish to be removed, and the context for your request. Upon receipt of your request the materials will be removed from public view while we work to find an appropriate resolution.