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Collection Development at Heterick Memorial Library

Suggesting Materials

Librarians work in conjunction with university faculty to provide materials to support student learning and the curriculum. To learn more about collection development at Heterick Memorial Library, please read the collection development policy below.  

General Guidelines

Library books, periodicals and media materials are acquired following the priorities below:  

  1. Materials are acquired that directly relate to currently offered courses and curricular programs.
  2. General reference works which support the curriculum.  
  3. Materials needed by faculty and administration for research.

Ordering/Liaison Program

The librarian liaisons share responsibility with departmental faculty liaisons for the selection of library materials and most are active selectors. Librarian liaisons also provide academic departments with information about new acquisitions, services, and changes in library policies.  They try to stay abreast of new courses, programs, and faculty interests, and any other developments likely to influence the need for library resources and services. Many departmental liaisons are also active in providing instruction in information literacy.  Please feel free to contact your liaison (see chart below) with any library-related questions.  

Catalog pages, Amazon printouts, etc will be accepted.

Selection Tools & Related Research Guides

Material Request Form

Library Hours