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Publishing Resources

Journal Tools & Measures

Below are instructions that can be used to help determine whether a journal is peer-reviewed or refereed, as well as links to tools that can be used to gather information on journal metrics.

How to tell if a journal is "peer-reviewed" or "refereed"

  1.  Search journal by title using certain interfaces (Web of Knowledge (ISI), EBSCOHost, ) by limiting search "peer-reviewed" sources by clicking a box or selecting a tab.

  2. Search the title of the journal (in quotes) and the term peer-reviewed in Google. Critically analyze information found!
  3. Search at the journal's homepage page by looking at the editorial statement or instructions to authors

  4. Search for same in the physical copy of the journal where this information is either most often found it the first few pages of the journal or at the end

Searching & Tracking Citations

There are few ways in which you can search and track your citations via Heterick Library's resources. Below are details on how to search and track citations using our library databases, as well as links to databases that can be used to find and track citations.

Searching for Citations in a Database

Look for "Cited References" link at top of screen for all EBSCOHost products.

Tracking Citations

When using the Citation Reference Search tab at any of the Web of Science (ISI) databases, make sure you click on which database(s) you'd like to run the search.

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