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EDUC 2001: Foundations of Literacy

Evaluating Education Research

Evaluating the Article:  


Research Article Section

Information Found in the Section

What To Look For


A brief summary of the research design, participants, and outcomes

  • Whether the setting and participants are similar to your own
  • Whether the practice or program was effective


A literature review that can help you identify other studies that have been conducted for a given practice or program

  • Other studies with positive outcomes


An in-depth description of the study’s design, setting, participants, and implementation procedures

  • Whether the setting and participants are similar to your own
  • Description of the implementation


A description of the study findings

Note: Though this section might be difficult for novice readers, the information is often summarized in a non-statistical fashion in the Discussion section.

  • Effect size (group-design studies)
  • Statistically significant effect
  • Percentage of non-overlapping data (PND) (single-case design studies)
  • Graph depicting subject’s response to the practice (single-case design studies)


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