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CAMS 3311: Cross-Cultural Communication


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Guiding questions to help get you started

For the personal culture map, work towards answering these questions:

  • How and where do I fit in a global society?
  • The world has all kinds of global issues. How do you fit into the economic, political, environmental, peace, and religious issues, etc?
  • What does it mean for you to be a global citizen today and into the future?
  • What does it mean to be an American today when the world is changing?

For your scholarly materials, look for research on cultural concepts and ideas from the class. For example:

  • ethnocentrism
  • cultural identity
  • privilege
  • tolerance
  • cross-cultural communication

What are the different things that you will need to know for your career? How might those knowledge needs vary depending on location or job requirements? How will you build on your existing knowledge base to meet those needs?


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Interview ideas

Email and ask for a suggestion of someone to contact:
Omega Hollies​
Title: International Services Coordinator
Department: Office of Multicultural Development