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BIOL 3701: Marine Biology

Evaluate the Journal/Publisher

Use this checklist to evaluate journals and publishers you find online. If your answer to most of the questions is "no," you may have found a low quality or predatory journal/publisher. You should seriously consider whether you should use articles from the journal/publisher in your research.

  1. Have you or your professor heard of the journal before?
  2. Can you locate current or recent articles from the journal?
  3. Can you identify the journal’s publishing company/organization?
  4. Does the publisher have a website with contact information (phone, email, and mail)?
  5. Does the journal explain what peer review process it follows?
  6. Do articles from the journal appear in library databases like Web of Science?
  7. Have articles from the journal been cited frequently?
  8. What is the journal’s impact factor?
  9. Does the journal’s website list and explain any author fees that it charges?
  10. Does the journal list an editorial board?
  11. Do the editors have appropriate qualifications for their role (e.g. advanced degree)?
  12. Do the editors mention their role on their personal or university websites?
  13. Is the publisher a member of a recognized publishing industry group? Check on the group’s website to be certain--links below.

Checklist based on the Think Check Submit Checklist -