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BIZ 1001: TREX for Business Students

Why do we cite?

Citation is an important part of research and writing. We cite to give credit to others, but also to enhance our reliability as writers.

Different disciplines, like business and pharmacy, use different citation formats. The differences in these formats often indicate what is prioritized in the discipline. For example, you'll use MLA in Writing Seminar. The Humanities place an emphasis on making it easy for the reader to find the exact page where something is referenced, so the page number is included in every in-text citation in MLA. In the Social Sciences, currency is important, so the date is included in every in-text citation.

While the styles may differ, the same information is included in the reference and the purpose is the same: to provide your reader with the information that they need to find the citation again.

In Business, you will be expected to use APA format. The resources on the Citation Help from ONU tab will help you with this, as will the tutors in the Writing Center. ZoteroBib can also be a very useful tool, but it's important to know the basics of how citations are formatted in order to make corrections.