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International Students

Library Vocabulary


The library has four printers. Three are on the first floor and one is on the second floor. Two printers on the first floor print in color; the other printer on the first floor, and the printer on the second floor, print in black and white. You can print using your student ID card. The first time you print, you will need to swipe your card and log in with your ONU username and password (the same ones you use to log in to your email and Moodle). From then on, you will be able to print by just swiping your ID card. Each year you will get a printing allowance of about $30. Every time you print, the charge for what you printed will be subtracted from your allowance. After you have used up your allowance, the charge for pages you print will be added on to your student account. Unpaid bills can prevent you from registering for classes, so it is important to check your account and pay your bills regularly. You can see how much of your printing allowance is left by going to the website and logging in with your ONU username and password.