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SLA Training -- Heterick Memorial Library

Updated: 2016/09/16

Question Examples

Below are question/situation examples to help you fill out the SLA Question Tracking form.

Borrowing Supplies

  • Can I have a dry erase marker?
  • Can I borrow a stapler?
  • Do you have HDMI cords?

Course Reserves

You do not need to fill out the form if you simply check out a course reserve to a student who already knows what item they want. Fill out the form only when you provide extra assistance to a student or faculty member, as in the examples below.

  • My professor said she put something on reserve but I don't know what it is.
  • What is a course reserve?
  • How do I find the course reserves?
  • I need to put these three items on reserve for my class.


  • Where is Room 200?
  • Is the Writing Center in here?
  • How do I get to the computer lab?

Library Policy Information

  • How long can I check this out for?
  • What time do you close tonight?
  • Can I renew this online?

Locating Items

  • Use this for times when you have gone to the shelf with a patron and helped them actually locate a physical item.

Online Searching

  • Do you have this book/journal article? (shows you syllabus, email from professor, etc. with book or article title)


  • I need help scanning this document.
  • I need to print a PDF in color.
  • I need help formatting my paper in Word.