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BIOSIS - Searching for Methodology Information

Finding Methodology Information in BIOSIS

BIOSIS is a database that provides citations for books, journals, and more in the life sciences. It includes a special search tool that enables the searching and finding of methodology information; i.e. research articles that explain and test particular experimental methods. The instructions below explain how to use this search tool.


Step 1: Enter one or more keywords related to the topic you are researching in the first search box.

screenshot of BIOSIS indicating first search box

Step 2: Click the "+ Add row" link to add another search box.

screenshot of BIOSIS indicating add a row option

Step 3: Enter the phrase "methods and techniques" in the second search box (no quotation marks).

screenshot of BIOSIS indicating second search box

Step 4: Change the drop down menu option to "Major Concepts."

screenshot of BIOSIS indicating drop down menu

Step 5: Click the blue "Search" button to perform your search.

screenshot of BIOSIS indicating the search button