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Genealogy and Family History


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Matthew Francis

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Search Tips

  • If you are not finding expected results, try searching different name spellings/variations (for example, La Sorda, Sorda, and Lasorda, or Francis and Frances) and date ranges.

  • Be prepared to search for different surnames. This is most common for maiden names, but can also occur for other reasons, such as adoption.

  • Begin with the nearest generation about which complete information exists and work back in time from that point; research one name or family at a time; focus on one locality where ancestors lived and identify it in terms of the jurisdictions to which it belongs (county, state, district, province, etc.).

  • Document your work as you progress.

  • As you learn more information, return to previous searches and supplement them with new data.

  • When possible look at an image of the original document, not just a transcription.

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