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Registration Guide: Lexis Digital Library

How to Register

With your ONU credentials, you can now access the LexisNexis Digital Library! This Library includes the “Understanding” series, “Mastering” series, “A Student’s Guide” series, and the “Questions & Answers” series. Lexis Digital Library offers a personalized home page and allows you to create your own tags, make annotations, and many other features.

Study aids can be found here: Lexis Digital Library- Study Aids Collection

Tutorials, Training and Guides

Training guides on how to get started with Lexis Digitial Library can be found here: New Training Guides

Account Assistance

Visit the LexisNexis Digital Library Support & Training site

Contact LexisNexis Customer Support at (877) 516-8256

Email LexisNexis at

Lexis Digital Library App

With the LexisNexis Digital Library, you can access any of these items digitally on any device anytime—even offline. Download the app from Apple or Google Play today.