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Law School Success, Exam Preparation, and Study Aids: Law School Success


This guide provides a selective overview of academic support resources available through the Taggart Law Library. You will find leads to information on exam taking, studying, time management, and study aids.

Time Management Tips

Start studying early

In law school, it’s never too early to study. The sooner you begin studying case briefs and your class notes, the quicker you’ll start to understand the law. As you build your class outlines, remember that developing condensed versions of your outlines will help you process the information.

Keep a running to-do list

And estimate how long it will take you to do each class task. (Hint: Review each task at the start of the day.) A to-do list will keep you on track and will give you an idea of the tasks you need to devote more time to.

Break larger projects into smaller pieces

Think of law school like a marathon – a long race, not a sprint. Adjusting your mindset, however, will help you to not feel overwhelmed. Split your class projects up into smaller tasks and reward yourself when each section is complete.

Prepare Schedules

Several researchers suggest that you prepare both weekly schedules and semester-long schedules. The weekly schedule allows you to schedule small blocks of time for day-to-day activities, while the semester-long schedule allows you to set aside large blocks of time for such things as writing a paper, extensive review, or taking practice exams.

Law School Success Books

Online Books

Time Management Tools

Online Resources

Start off on the right foot for your first year of law school with a free 1L program. Get detailed lectures, complete outlines, and extensive practice questions to help you navigate the 1L lifestyle.

Themis offers free Law School Essentials program which includes law school outlines, lecture videos, subject-specific Key Concept Sheets, and other comprehensive review materials for your 1L curriculum and 2L/3L subjects.

Class & Exam Preparation Resources for Law School Students, including outlines, exercises, and study games

Class & Exam preparation resources for law students, including outlines, exercises, and study games. 

Reference Appointments

The Taggart Law Library is here to help! Schedule an appointment with a librarian or chat with us using our online chat feature. Open to ONU Law students, faculty, staff, and alumni. 

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