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Publishing Articles in Law Reviews and Journals: Where Should I Publish?


This guide is designed to help ONU law school students and faculty who wish to submit articles to law reviews and journals for publication. It will suggest places where you can begin your search for a journal in which to publish, then it will show you how to actually submit the article to those journals.

If you would like additional research help for your article, please contact the Law Library and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Finding Appropriate Law Reviews and Journals

There are many databases that collect information about law reviews and journals to help you decide where you should submit your article. You may choose to begin your search by identifying the subject of the journals to which you would like to submit your articles. Here are some of the most popular resources for searching law journals by subject:

Washington & Lee Jaw Journal Submissions and Rankings

This database of law journals is searchable by journal subject, name, format, and ranking. 

This search will show you all journals in the database that publish in that subject area. You can also run a similar search filtered by country, language, format, or editing method.

HeinOnline Law Journal Library

In HeinOnline's Law Journal Library, you can browse their collection to find journals using different information including subject and number of citations. To find the HeinOnline Law Journal Library, click on the link above and choose "Law Journal Library" from the homepage. Once in that page, you can choose your filtering criteria using the menu shown below.

While HeinOnline indexes the journals, it does not have any of the contact or submission information. To find that either search for the desired journals on the Washington & Lee guide above or find the Journal's website and use the contact information they provide.


Once you have chosen the journals to which you would like to send your article, you can move on to the submission step of the process covered on the next page in this guide.

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