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Environmental/Natural Resources Law: Books

Selected Subject Headings

Sometimes by browsing the stacks in a particular area, you can find something better than what you were originally looking for!  Here are some selected subject headings for environmental law in POLAR:

Text & Treatises

A few of the general treatises on environmental and natural resources law available at the Taggart Law Library include:

Specialized Legal Research

Chapter 6 of this looseleaf treatise focuses on Environmental Law and Land Use Planning. Available at KF 240.S64 1987 in Law North and Law Reference.


Encyclopedias: Legal encyclopedias provide general overviews of legal topics and references to other research materials. These encyclopedias will have a subject index to help you find entries by topic.  For example, if you wanted to look up the topic “National Environmental Policy Act” in the index, it might lead you to the encyclopedia’s article on “Pollution Control,” which you could then look up in the appropriate encyclopedia volume.

A.L.R. Annotations: Experts in a particular area of the law write the annotations, or articles, found in American Law Reports. They usually focus on a very narrow area of the law and can provide case citations and references to other secondary sources.  Annotations can be found topically using the index or from citations found in other secondary sources.

Study Aids

Practice Materials

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