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Student Research Help - Citation

I need to find the information to use in my citation.

You can usually find all of the pieces of information you need to create a citation--like the title, author, and date--on the first page of an article, usually in one of the upper corners or along the bottom of the page. The journal title will usually appear in italics. The words "Volume" and "Issue" may be written out in full, abbreviated, or not present at all, and sometimes instead of the word "Issue" you may see the word "Number" or abbreviation "No."

You will also likely need to look at the database record for the article to find information such as the database name and the DOI or permanent URL.

Below are images of the first pages of two scholarly articles. One has all of the citation information at the top of the page; the other has some of the citation information at the top and some at the bottom of the page.

Articles with citation information highlighted

Below is an image of the database record for an article. The button to get the permanent or stable URL is in the right sidebar, and the name of the database the article comes from is at the bottom of the record.

Database record with citation info highlighted

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