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Student Research Help - Databases

I don't know which database I want.

The database or databases you should use depends on the topic you are researching. While some databases are interdisciplinary and cover a lot of different topics, many more databases are subject specific, so they are best for searching in one specific area. Below are three methods you can use to figure out which database is the right one for your research.

Method 1: Try searching in the main search box on the library home page. This is a special tool that searches most of our databases at the same time. When you find a result that will work for your topic, look to see which database it comes from. You can find the name of the database at the end of the citation information underneath the article title (indicated by the orange box in the picture below). Then go to that database through the "Databases" tab and search in it (see the I know what database I want page for instructions on how to get to a specific database).

Image of an article record with the database name


Method 2: Click on the "Databases" tab on the library home page and select the broad subject that your topic falls under. Under each topic you'll find a list of databases related to that subject. Read the descriptions and see which database works best for your specific project. Find a database you think will work, then click the link to go that database.


Screenshot of the Databases tab


Method 3: Ask a librarian or your professor. They'll be able to recommend a good database to use.

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