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Student Research Help - Articles

I don't know what article I want.

To search for articles, you will first need search terms. The easiest way to create search terms is to think about what the most important words in your research topic or question are. What words best summarize or capture the meaning of your topic?

  • For example, if your research topic is about how women and girls are portrayed in the Harry Potter books, your search terms could be something like "women," "portrayal," and "Harry Potter."

Try a search with your search terms. If you don't see articles that seem like they will meet your needs, try different search terms. Different articles use different words to describe the same thing, so using synonyms or alternate terms can help if you are having trouble finding articles that work for you.

  • For example, other search terms you could use for your Harry Potter research project are:
    • "female character" instead of "women"
    • "representation" or "depiction" instead of "portrayal"

Once you have done a search and have a list of result, you can also use the tools in the left sidebar of the search results page to narrow your search. For example, you can limit your results to a specific date range or a particular type of publication.

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