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Citation Help

Citing Government Documents in APA

The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association does not have a separate format for government documents. They should be cited the same way as books, articles, web sources, brochures, etc. 

Many government documents are technical or research reports. Examples of how to cite those documents can be found below.

Technical and Research Reports

Author Listed

Author's Last Name, Author's Initials. (Year). Title of work (Report No. 123). Location: Publisher.

If the report was retrieved online, omit Location: Publisher, and include the publisher/agency in the retrieval statement:

Author's Last Name, Author's Initials. (Year). Title of work (Report No. 123). Retrieved from Agency name:


Group or Agency as Author

Name of Agency, Subdivision of Agency. (Date). Title of work (Report No. 123). Retrieved from Agency Name website:

  • Note on abbreviations: For the the first in text or parenthetical citation, spell out the name completely. In subsequent citations, abbreviating the name of longer groups is acceptable if the abbreviation is familiar or easy to understand.
  • For a print document, use Location: Publisher instead of Retrieved from Agency Name:
  • If the document is undated, put (n.d) after the author or agency and include the date of retrieval in the citation as follows: Retrieved March 18, 2016, from

United States Department of Commerce, United States Census Bureau. (2015, October 2). A snapshot of monthly manufacturing statistics in the United States (MFG15-M3). Retrieved from the United States Census Bureau website: