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Citation Help

Basic article citation

Author's last name Author's first initial. Title of the Article. Name of Publication. Year  Month;volume.issue :pages. 

Print journal article

Halpern SD, Ubel PA, Caplan AL. Solid-organ transplantation in HIV-infected patients. N Engl J Med. 2002 Jul 25;347(4):284-7.

Journal Article from PubMed

Author's last name, Author's first initial. Title of the article. Name of the publication. Date of publication [date cited];volume(issue):page numbers.In:Title of Database[Type of medium]. Place of Publication:Publisher. Beginning Date of Publication of database. Extent of contribution. Availability of contribution/URL Acquisition number of contribution.

Journal Article from PubMed - example

Tella SH, Gallagher JC. Prevention and treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2014 Jul[Cited 2020 Feb 20];142:155-70. In: PubMed [Internet].Bethesda(MD):National Library of Medicine (US). [1950] - . [about 42 p.]Available from: PMID: 2417671.

Journal Article on the Internet

Author(s). Title of article. Journal Title [Internet]. Date of Publication [Date of Update;Date of Citation]; Volume Number(Issue Number):Page Number(s) or [Length of Article]. Available from: Web Address


Colston E, Grasela D, Gardiner D, et al. An open-label, multiple ascending dose study of the anti-CTLA-4 antibody ipilimumab in viremic HIV patients. Plos One [Internet]. 2018 Jun 7 [cited 16 Oct 2020]; 13(6):1-17.Available from:

Checklist for journal citation


  • Authors should be listed Last name, First name initials with a maximum of 2 initials in the first name.  
  • If you have more than three authors, you have the option to list as follows: Rastan S, Hough T, Kierman A, et al.  instead of listing all of the authors.  
  • Put a period at end of the listing of authors.  

Title of the Article

  • Capitalize only the first word of the title, proper nouns, proper adjectives, acronyms and initialisms.  
  • Place a period after the article title.  

Name of Publication/Journal Title

  • Abbreviate significant words in the journal title and omit other words such as articles, conjunctions and prepositions.  
  • To find abbreviations, go to and search for the journal title, the NLM abbreviation will be provided in the journal record.  

Page Numbers

  • Be sure to list page numbers as 234-40 NOT 234-240.