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SLA Training -- Heterick Memorial Library

Updated: 2016/09/16


The purpose of this procedure is to gather materials that have been requested by students and faculty at other institutions so that the items can be processed quickly and effectively. The ALA on duty will instruct the SLAs when an ILL needs filled.

Scanning ILLs

  • When scanning materials, it is vital that the scans are clear and contain all of the information requested.
  • Use the library Copy/Print Card or your own ID (scanning does not charge printing accounts)
  • Include the ILL request slip in the scanned ILL item
  • Select ILL from the email options on the printer
  • Rename the file to the ILL number in the top right corner of the request page
  • Make sure to use the separate scans when scanning more than 1 page
  • Avoid:
    1. Cutting off the top or bottom of the page.
    2. Losing text in the gutter of bound volumes
  • Tips
    1. Periodicals bound with cardboard covers and plastic rivets can be disassembled if necessary. The rivets can be cut with scissors as a last resort.  If this is necessary, please place the covers and periodicals in their proper order on the Cataloging shelf behind the Circ. Desk.
    2. Tightly bound periodicals with hard covers can be successfully scanned by GENTLY pressing down on the spine.  Please take care not to break the spine.

Finished ILL

  • Finished ILLs are given to the assigning ALA or placed in their mailbox.
  • Bound Journals used for ILL purposes are placed Bound Periodical return shelf.
  • Loose Journals used for ILL purposes are placed in the wire basket labeled “Loose Periodicals.”

Journal Articles

  • The journal will likely be on the bound periodical shelves on the second floor.  Journals are arranged alphabetically by title. 
  • If you are unable to locate the journal, ask the ALA on duty for assistance. 
After a journal article has been scanned place the periodical you used periodical return shelf. If it is a current (loose) periodical, place it in the loose ILL periodical basket on the shelves located behind the reference desk.


  • If the request is for a book, pull the book from the stacks and place the paging slip inside the book.
  • Give the book to the assigning ALA or place it in their mailbox.
 After a section from a book has been scanned, according to instructions, and the copy of the ILL request, do a “count use” and place book on HML return shelves.