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SLA Training -- Heterick Memorial Library

Updated: 2016/09/16


  • Check the second and third floors; turn on computer monitors.
  • Clean any dirty whiteboards.
  • Retrieve and label OhioLINK items.
  • Place signs for classes and/or group meetings by the appropriate rooms.
  • Empty the three hole punch and refill the stapler.
  • Saturday only: Clean all whiteboards.


  • 30 minutes before closing
    • Check second and third floors - push in chairs, shut off public terminal monitors, erase whiteboards/chalkboards and clean any that are particularly dirty or show signs of “ghosting,” collect abandoned items, collect books from return carts, check for maintenance issues, turn off lights in empty study rooms, turn off TVs in study rooms and computer lab.
    • Remove expired event signs.
  • 15 minutes before closing
    • Check the first floor - push in chairs, shutdown computers, erase whiteboards, collect abandoned items, and fill printers with paper.
  • 5 minutes before closing
    • Keep track of people leaving the library.
    • Sort recycle paper.
    • Shutdown Sierra, shut off monitors at circulation desk.
    • Check that doors are locked on their way out of building.