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SLA Training -- Heterick Memorial Library

Updated: 2016/09/16


The Circulation Department is primarily responsible for keeping track of the library’s collection.  SLAs are responsible for the following:

  • Shelving materials
  • Shelf-reading and shifting books
  • General housekeeping, light cleaning, dusting, etc.
  • Photocopying
  • Assisting with ILL photocopying, etc.
  • Checking-out, Checking-in, and Renewing of circulating materials
  • Checking-out, Checking-in and Renewing of reserve materials
  • Answering general questions and referring other questions to librarians and ALAs
  • Assisting with Open/Close Procedures
  • Other duties as assigned


Date stamps

The date stamps will be changed by the DALA every morning. When an item is checked out, stamp it with the appropriate due date. All due date stamps must be stamped in BLUE ink.

When an item is returned. Stamp it with the "Return" stamp in RED ink. The "Return" stamp is the ONLY stamp that goes in the RED ink.

Loan rules and fines

Our basic loan rules for students are as follows:  


· Books:

             10 cents per day

· Course Reserve items:

           $2.00 per day

· CD:

             $1.00 per day

· Ohio Link Items:

             50 cents per day MINIMUM

             cost for item $75.00 plus

             $25.00 processing fee

             Automatic $50.00 fines for items 

             more than 30 days overdue


             $1.00 per day


Faculty and Staff due dates differ from student’s due dates for HML and OhioLINK books. HML books will be due at the end of the semester with up to 6 renewals and OhioLINK books will be available for 6 weeks with 6 renewals.
If a patron wishes to pay a fine, contact the ALA or Librarian on duty. SLAS ARE NEVER TO HANDLE MONEY.