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SLA Training -- Heterick Memorial Library

Updated: 2016/09/16

Missing Work

Please call the ALA on duty at 2181 as soon as you realize you will be unable to attend work. Three unexcused absences is cause for immediate termination.

Time Sheets

1)      Go to the ONU homepage at
2)      Click on ‘Current Students’ in the INFORMATION FOR YOU tab
3)      Enter user name and password box
4)      Click ‘Login’ or hit Enter to be taken to the main page
5)      Click “Employee Services” on the main page and select “Time 
7)   Choose the correct Pay Period and then click on 'Time Sheet'
8)    Click on the hours worked under the 'Regular Earnings, No-FICA' category. Enter the hours worked for that day into the 'Hours' box. Click ‘Save’ to update, then click 'Next' to go to the following weeks. When completely finished, click 'Save'.

9)    When all of the hours worked has been entered into the online Time Sheet, double check the hours to ensure they are correct and then press the 'Submit for Approval' button. 

10)   At the bottom of the page a message should appear telling you the Time Sheet has been submitted for approval. 

Trade Slips

Trade slips are to be used if for some very good reason, you can’t work your assigned times.  They are kept on the counter near the sign-in binder. If you are unable to work, fill out one of the slips and pin it to the bulletin board.  If no one signs up to take your hours, you are responsible for finding someone to replace you.  A list of SLA names, phone numbers and email addresses will be posted in the front of the time sheet notebook and you will each be given a copy of the list to take home at the beginning of each semester. If you do not find someone to take your hours, it counts as an unexcused absence for each hour missed.

Exceptions for Uncompleted Trade Slips Are:

  • Academic Conflict (class, internship, seminar, field trip, etc.)
  • Participation in a School Sports or Music Event (runner on the track team, musician in the orchestra, etc.)
  • Family Funeral (grandparents, parents, siblings, or spouse)
  • Surgery

Although these are excused absences, it is preferred that ALL known absences have a Trade Slip up well in advance.

Dress Code

The following types of clothing may not be worn during your shift:

  • tank tops
  • hats
  • open-toed shoes (such as flip flops)
  • extremely short shorts

Supervisors reserve the right to send an SLA home without pay to change into appropriate clothing.