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CAMS 2011: Ethics of International Aid

Identify Keywords

Identify Keywords

Identify keywords that relate to your topic to assist you when you are searching for resources.   Often different words can describe the same concepts and as a researcher, you can never be sure which keywords will bring back the information you are looking for.  

Brainstorm related terms, broader terms and narrower terms related to your topic.  

For example, if your topic is caffeine and its effects on memory in college students:

Caffeine Memory College Students
coffee short term memory university students
energy drinks long term memory undergraduates
tea cognition first year student, second year student, etc
soda amnesia graduates


Keyword Generators

Try the following online keyword generators:

Aid-Related Keywords

Best practices
Development aid
Development community
Economic assistance
Economic development
Foreign aid
Humanitarian assistance
International aid
International development
International relations
International relief
Local economics
Overseas aid

Aid-Related Subject Headings

Economic assistance
Economic assistanc—Evalution
Economic development—International cooperation
Economic assistance—Political aspects
International relations
International relief

Keywords Tutorial