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Questions relating to POLAR - the online library catalog.

Keyword Search

The default search in POLAR is a Keyword search. 

Keyword searches look for all the words in your search in any place in the record.  

Title Search

Title Searches look only at the title field of a record. 

The title search will locate a work given with all or part of the title, however the words must be in the correct order.

Author Search

Author Searches look at all authors in a record. 

Authors should be searched by their last name first. For common last names providing the first name also will help find the correct author.


Smith, Joan

Subject Search

Subject Searches look for the terms only in the subject field. The subject field contains words and phrases that are in a pre-set list of authorized subject headings.

The best way to search by subject is to find a record that has subjects that relate to your search and click on the hyperlinked subject.